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current projects.

Photos in 7h09

My photos of Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls, The Babies) are featured in the New York issue of French magazine, 7h09. They were originally photographed for Impose Magazine's interview with Cassie.

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Story in La.Lit

My short story “Dolls in a Row” was shortlisted for a competition judged by writer Samrat Upadhyaya, and published in the “New Fiction from Nepal” issue of La.Lit. It features great many young writers from Nepal (including my sister).

Also available on Kindle.

Photo on Žižek Book Cover

Really psyched my photo of Slavoj Žižek is on the cover of the Russian edition of his book, The Year of Dreaming Dangerously. The picture was taken at his famous Occupy Wall Street speech.

Impose Photo Show

I'll be showing and selling photos at the Impose 10th Anniversary Photo Show at Secret Project Robot, Nov3–5.
Opening reception is on Saturday, Nov. 3, 8PM. Hope to see you there. See all photos.

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The Short Form

A website I started with Peter Cavanaugh. We recommend short stories every Monday, the really good ones, and we interview someone who has interesting things to say about short stories. I also made the logo and the website, and I draw the Q&A subjects.
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Dollar Stories Kindle Covers

There's only one goal behind the Dollar Stories series, and that's to build a miLLiOn dOlLaR empire. Made 10 covers for the Kindle edition launch. I wrote story #9. It's only a dollar each! Buy Them All

Dogs of the City

Wrote a short story for Dollar Stories. Available on Amazon for $1. Buy a million copies.

Impose Magazine

Design, tech, and occasional philosophy & science blogging. View Online.

Portrait Photography

Slow-moving chase after good light. View Online.

World-class Tweeting

Six-word stories and hilarious jokes all the time. View Online.

Web Design

Selections from what I do for $$$. View Online.

Old Projects.

Secret Garden Videos

Bands playing in unprofessional settings. View Online.

Concert Photography

Done with taking show photos! View Online.

Music Blogging

Done with writing about music! View Online.

Paris Haul

Fun stuff I bought in Paris.
View Online.